About EMAG’s campaign for justice

The facts

The current position

What the government should do

Why the time to settle the debt is NOW

After years of campaigning and promises from all political parties, nearly a million people are still being told that their compensation is limited to just 22% of the loss it is accepted they have suffered.

These are ordinary people, now mainly in their 70s, 80s and 90s, who lived through the privations of post-war Britain and helped rebuild the country through hard work and saving. They are not the privileged wealthy but responsible hard-working people. They are former nurses, teachers, civil servants, small business owners and shop workers with most having less than £20,000 in their pension pot. They deserve and need the money owed to them. Too many continue to die without the compensation they are due. They need paying now. The money would be spent and recycled through the economy – including back to the government – and would support the post-pandemic recovery.

Finding the £2.6bn owed NOW

Availability of money is not the issue. The government is expected to have ‘found’ over £390bn to support the economy and businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. Delivering justice would cost less than 1% of that. Freezing fuel duty for just one year costs more than paying the debt owed to Equitable Life victims.